Fellow Society members:

I trust that this communication finds you all well. I want to assure you that during this unprecedented time I and the rest of your officers and board members have been in touch and have been making decisions we trust will be in the best interest of the McDonough County Historical Society, and all of you.


As a result of uncertainty surrounding our health situation, we are canceling all meetings for the remainder of 2020. Our speaker for September has been contacted and has agreed to reschedule for the year 2021. We will consider, between now and next year, possible speakers to fill the November 2021 slot. In order to counter our tendency to be Macomb focused, we might think of people with expertise related to our outlying McDonough County area who would be willing to come at the end of next year to talk to us.


As a result of our lack of normal activity during 2020, we will apply dues paid for this year to 2021. No membership dues will be collected from current members for the 2021 calendar year. In view of the amount of funds we have on hand and the fact that we have only paid room rent to the Spoon River College Outreach Center once, and only published one newsletter, we can well afford to do this.


Since we will not be holding the November meeting at which we would normally be electing officers for the coming year, we are extending the terms of all current officers and board members, so that their expiration dates will fall at the end of 2021.


As a result of the closure of Western Illinois University, Kathy has produced no newsletter since the one for Winter 2020. She will be sending one out at some point this coming summer or fall. The size and form of it, however, are dependent upon the degree to which Western has opened and therefore the access she has to materials in the Archives.


We have made the decision to eliminate all future January meetings, not because of concerns regarding COVID-19 but instead as a way of coping with the treacherous weather that typifies that month and that contributes to consistent low attendance then.


If anyone is interested in becoming membership chair for the year 2021, please let me know and I will be glad to initiate contact and begin working with them. Of course, during upcoming months, we might all be thinking of friends and neighbors who might have an interest in joining our group and who only need an invitation from us to make that happen.


Please know that your officers and board members will continue to be in communication as this year progresses, reacting to current matters and planning for a healthier and happier, and more active, 2021.


Larry Zigler

President, McDonough County Historical Society

Since 1969, the McDonough County Historical Society, a not-for-profit organization, has been an important force for promoting historical understanding and preserving materials that reflect the county's heritage.

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